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the 'Huey'   


the why

Just like the helicopter of the Vietnam era, the 'Huey' is big, slow, noisy and a life saver.(well maybe a trip saver in this case) The 'Huey' is my slow-rolling entry. The combination of a barrel swivel and a #10 Mag Colorado blade is a big fish magnet and will easily let you know if you have any loose fillings. haha.

the how

Great for working deep weedlines, sunken islands and deep weedbeds from June until ice-up, the 'Huey' could be the bait that earns you your personal best. On those blue bird,one big fish days this is the bait to throw. In the fall, the 'Huey' is my choice for throwing from shallow to deep off the steepest breaks I can find. Chose head size by the depth you plan on working. This could easily be the best and easiest bait to work ever made. Just keep it a little off the bottom and the bait will do all the work. Always power rake the 'Huey' at the end of a cast. A power rake is a vertical L. Picture a bucktail coming in after a cast and you make an L at the boat before going into a figure-8. A bucktail L is a horizonal trigger. A power rake is exactly the same trigger only vertical.



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