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 the 'Warthog'


the why

You may have noticed that my spinnerbaits are all named after aircraft. Yes, one reason is they soar through the water like a plane soars through the air, but the names can be descriptive also, such as the 'Warthog' This bait is made to root around on the bottom making noise and bumping into weed stalks just for the attention. When the fishing gets tough or was good but has shut off, it's time to bring the 'Warthog' into the game. I also use the 'Warthog' when I have a big fish spotted but can't raise her with conventional baits.

the how

The short arm and Willowleaf blade are designed for weed bustin'. The spinning blade is positioned directly in front of the hooks which allows the bait to come through some seemingly impossible weedbeds. The narrow width on the Ultra Minnow head also aids in coming through the weeds. I like to position the boat off the weedline and throw medium to short casts into the weedbed. Allow the bait to sink to the bottom. With the rod tip pointed directly at the bait, reel at a steady pace through the base of the weedbed. Don't stop and don't try to snap weeds off the bait. Just keep reeling. When you feel the bait boomarang out of the weeds and into open water, snap the bait a couple of times to clear any weeds. Try hard to keep the bait at the same depth as it came out of the weedbed by reeling and steadily lowering your rod tip. When the line is vertical off your rod tip do a power rake to the surface. This technique targets fish buried in the weeds, fish on the bottom outside the weedline and fish suspended off the weedline. 2 ozers work well with shallower weedlines and super thick weedbeds while the 3 and 4 ozers work on everything else.

Note: You will not be able to work through a weedbed if there is a cross wind strong enough to lay down the tops of the weeds. Always throw into or with the wind for this technique to be effective.



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